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Community radio licences

Who's this licence for?

Our Community Radio Licences are for radio stations broadcasting on an AM/FM signal that hold an Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) community radio broadcasting licence. If you are looking for information on online-only radio stations, head over to Online licences.

We offer a Permanent or Temporary licence to Community Radio Stations covering broadcast, reproduction and online use on an “opt-in” basis, so stations only pay for what they need. We also offer a specific licence for providers of Radio for the Print Handicapped.

Stations can choose which rights they need:

  • Broadcasting music from the radio station (APRA).
  • Copying music on to storage devices (such as tablets or hard drives) for use in programs and for using Production Music from AMCOS in sponsorship announcements (AMCOS).
  • Simulcast (webcasting)/On demand streaming - the communication of music through webcasting and on-demand streaming.
  • Other online use on the station’s website - he communication of music from the website through podcasts or streaming individual clips.

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Download your copy of the community radio licence information guide (PDF 1.3MB).

This webpage is a guide only. Refer to the licence for full terms and conditions.